Benshear is recognized as a high quality sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminum profile forming fabricator based in Malaysia.

Original Equipment
Manufacturer (OEM)

Supply of high quality Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) products and unsurpassed service to many large corporations.

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What we can do

With a factory plant of build-up area ±45,000 sq ft, we can support your order and O.E.M needs in various industries, whether a small scale order or large quantitative orders.

We ensure the Precision & Quality of our products

Benshear has invested in-state-of the art technology & automation equipments. The factory is located at the centralized area in Puchong, Selangor.

Your Satisfaction is our greatest reward

We are able to support and O.E.M for your needs in various industries, whether it is a small scale order or large quantitative orders.


Years of experience in Sheet Metal Fabricating industry.


sq ft: Factory Floor Area


Countries at least, where our product are exporting to


Staff at least

Laser Cutting

Our high speed laser cutting ensures fast and precise cut enabling our product fulfilling all precision need.


Our heavy duty turret punch presses provides reliable and accurate punch at all times.

Press Forming

Conventional and servo-hydraulic press brakes offer broad range of forming capacities for various specifications.


All our welder are well equipped and all work are closely monitored by supervisors with more than 20 years of experience in welding.


When customization is required, the Founder cum Managing Director will always involve himself and participate in all discussion to understand our client’s need, all work are being closely monitored to achieve the best result.