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About Benshear

Benshear Technology was incorporated in 1993 and for many years, we have been providing high-quality sheet metal fabricating services. Today, we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry, renowned for our excellent workmanship, outstanding customer service and ability to adapt to clients’ requirements.


As the company developed over the years, we have increased our capacity and continuously invest in the most suitable production machinery and tools and also sending our people to further upskill themselves. This has always been our top priority as it allows us to stay ahead consistently and deliver comprehensive solutions for all our clients’ needs. Our professional team combines innovation and experience to ensure we can create and deliver the most reliable and sustainable solutions to clients, both locally and cross the sea.


We have served many industries such as the Banking, Food Processing, Construction, Government, Large Security Companies, Poultry Farming, Military and many others. Our products include Pedestrian Traffic Control, Metal Cable Trunking, Conveyors, Kiosks, Railings, Stainless-Steel Enclosures in all shapes and sizes, Rack and Tray for medical and non-medical use, Fitness Equipment, Landscape Sculpture, Playground, Furniture Accessories, Display Racks and etc. We work closely with our customers from inception to completion to ensure the product meet or even exceed their expectation.


Possessing the ability to manufacture some of the most complex components, Benshear is able to support your needs, from small scale orders to large volume production runs. We take on a lot of local as well as international projects throughout the year, completing each one successfully in a timely manner. We work closely with our customers from inception to completion to ensure the product meet or even exceed their expectation and ultimately saving them time and money.


For the past 26 years, Benshear has amassed an impressive portfolio and created lasting relationships with some of the biggest multinational companies in industry sectors like poultry farming, furniture, military, security and construction.


Benshear has been delivering reliable sheet metal fabrication solutions for decades, we believe that a supply chain partner that you can rely on is crucial in the often-unpredictable manufacturing industry. Our customers from all over the world trust us for high-quality products and services, competitive pricing and on-time delivery, we are more than passionate when it comes to serving our customers.

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